Saturday, March 11, 2006

Friday, March 10: Nice weather for a barbie

Today I put on skis for the first time. I even attempted to use them. By 'use' I mean that I slide-walked for about 200 metres and fell over three times. By the time I reached the real snow, Henrik charitably suggested that it would be easier for me to walk the rest of the way. He was probably right, but as I trudged through 40cm-deep snow and tried to keep my balance, I still probably looked like a crazed and dehydrated person in the desert lurching towards a mirage.

I was lurching towards lunch, a barbeque by a frozen lake. Not that I could tell it was a lake: it looked just like the snow I was walking on, only without the surrounding trees. Henrik guessed that the ice was 40-50cm deep. "Five centimetres is enough to walk on, but ten is probably safer." Hmmm, I think I'll stick to the water's edge, wherever that is. Here's a widescreen shot. It's puny, and yet you can still see the dodgy seams between photos.

Johan and Johanna's dog, Astrid, is somwhat subdued by the cold. Ummm, that's the back of her head poking out of the coat.


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