Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Random photos

This is the way out of Grimsö:

Eggs from Johan and Johanna's hen house. Dated for my eating convenience:

I don't need to understand Swedish to know what's in here:

This photo was taken while walking from my cabin to the other buildings in the evening. On the left is Anna's house and the manor is on the right.

The manor again, this time in the morning:

My favourite snack: knäckebröd with vegemite. Gourmets call this melding of cultures fusion, right?

I've filled in my older posts with all of my noteworthy photos. The good news is that I've resuscitated my camera. The bad news is that it broke (or in Canon's words "battery pack performance was reduced" [to zero]) because it can't cope with cold weather. So my ability to take pics of snow and snow-related activities is limited.


Anonymous Lynda said...

Egad. Not only are you in the photo, you took the photo!!

I'm surprise it's not a picture of you bashfully trying to get off screen :-)

7:32 pm  
Blogger Cindy said...

Chocolate can be very persuasive, especially when it has an attractive foreign accent.

12:31 pm  

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