Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weatherwatch II

From Monday to Wednesday this week, it has drizzled constantly. At times it's been little more than a light mist that didn't seem to be falling at all. It means that the snow's going to disappear soon. The trees with leaves are already looking greener and many of the trees without leaves are coated in lichen. Other damp tree trunks have acquired a reddish hue. The forest is gaining some colour.

I was looking forward to going into work a bit late this morning and taking a few photographs. But when I woke up I was disappointed to see that I wouldn't be getting any photos. It was snowing again! As if someone had a huge sieve of icing sugar and was dusting the landscape with it. The cabin in front of mine looked like a well-iced gingerbread house. Mine probably did too. I think my favourite part of this climate is seeing the soft white new snow balancing on the branches of the trees, so I didn't stay mad at the weather for too long.

Next up: a super-birding weekend...?


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