Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Don't eat the yellow snow"

I'm told that this is the first piece of advice given to any military who are training in the arctic.

The spring snow melt uncovers all sorts of things. Near Johan and Johanna's house recently, Johan pointed out brownish mark in the ice on the road. It was roughly half a metre squared in area. "That's where I shot a hare last autumn!" Ergh.

Another sign of the season is the first reappearance of a lot of different birds in the area. Three times daily, all who are present at Grimsö take a 50-metre stroll to the manor for lunch or fika. For Johan and Jean-Michel, this has become a lengthy excursion requiring binoculars and incessant bird calls. They amuse each other, if not the local aves.


Anonymous Lynda said...

Are you sure you are working up there? Sounds like you are having fun, in a strange, twitchy kind of way.. :-)

6:33 am  

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