Sunday, April 23, 2006

Yet more photos

Last Tuesday morning I woke up to overcast skies and light rain. As I was eating breakfast I noticed that the rain had turned icy. By the time I left the cabin to head to work, it was snowing! Big, soft chunks, more than 1cm in diameter. It had all disappeared by lunch time.

On the overcast days the lichen on the trees is almost luminous. I've been trying unsuccessfully for some time to photograph it. Here's a couple of attempts from Tuesday:

The sun doesn't set until well after 8pm now and so I've been taking walks sometimes in the evenings. I took these photos on Wednesday:

Today the sun is shining and the unfrozen parts of the lake surface are glittering with its reflection. I originally assumed that the view from my office window was a small field, with a large field behind it, bordered by forest. Turns out the "large field" is another lake!


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