Thursday, May 04, 2006

Monday, May 1: København

By the time I was showered and dressed on Monday morning, Stefan had already visited a local bakery and brought home a large paper bag with a very promising aroma. Lynda declared it to be ‘food day’, and the range of breads, cheese, jam, juice and pastries on the table were a very worthy start.

While staying at Grimsö, I had been buying two-day-old wholemeal bread on Wednesday nights and working my way through it until it became nine-day-old bread the following Wednesday. This was the first light, fresh white bread I had eaten in months and I don’t think anyone quite relished it as I did, topped with Dutch gouda and thinly sliced pear.

After breakfast we had another walk around the city…

Rosenborg Castle, the home of the crown jewels:

The walk included the length of Stroget, the longest pedestrian mall in the world, which is also the site of the Museum Erotica. The display in the entry looked like this:

The closer you look, the more this frieze diverges from a LEGOland model. We skipped the museum after we discovered that entry cost about $20 per person. The Danes seem to have a more relaxed attitude to nudity and sexuality than Aussies. I don’t mean that as a polite way of referring to seeing seedy or exploitative sexual images in public: simply that there is less embarrassment associated with activities that everyone enjoys, if only in private.

Next food stop: ice cream! The waffle cones came with a big scoop of white creamy goop that tasty like sugary marshmallow.

We went on a canal tour from Nyhavn…

Then we grabbed some bikes and headed to the May Day festival…


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