Thursday, May 04, 2006

Monday 1/5: København (cont'd)

The May Day festival seemed to basically be an excuse for thousands of Danes to buy cartons of Carlsberg and head to the park to drink. Drinking in public is not just legal in Denmark, it’s seemingly compulsory. The park was filled with greasy takeaway food wagons, thousands of drunken youths and scatterings of hardcore, red-flag-waving socialists.

The socialists have realised that the youth of today want their politics in rap form. This guy and his band were kickin’ it old school about tax avoidance and the black market. 4 reelz.

Cindy and I dampened our fervour for the workers’ cause with thai food, followed by the saltiest chips I’ve ever tasted (note: asking for ‘tomato sauce’ with your chips will make Danish people look at you like you’re a bit mental. Ketchup, it’s always ketchup) and then a number of delicious beers. Just to fit in you understand. Although we didn’t go so far as to fit in with the people in front of us whose minor disagreement escalated into a fully blown beer fight. On that note, we left the workers to their paradise and headed for home.


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