Friday, May 12, 2006

Sunday 7/5: Stockholm

After a fairly hectic few days of endless walking, Sunday inadvertently became something of a rest day. The plan involved washing our clothes, going to the modern art museum and having dinner at Herman’s (a well-known vego restaurant that we’d been saving up). The washing ended up setting us back about 4 hours – there were definitely naps involved in the delay as well. We headed out to the gallery, picking up a quick lunch on the way and eventually turned up on Skeppsholmen at about 3 o’clock. That gave us three hours until the Modern Art Museum closed – this wasn’t helped by our accidentally wandering into the wrong museum (the carved Buddhas from 1100 A.D. gave us the hint that the museum wasn’t particularly modern). The Moderna itself was very impressive and we easily filled our remaining two hours checking out the obvious parts of its collection.

We headed off to the ferry stop to catch a boat over to dinner, and waited for about 15 minutes in the park.

When a ferry finally arrived, we were told that the Slussen service had finished for the day, so it was time for a 2km walk to get us in good appetite for dinner. Herman’s is a vegetarian buffet style restaurant that was located up on the cliffs that we’d explored on Saturday. The view was fantastic and food was almost as impressive (if a little overpriced). We managed to restrain ourselves and skip out on dessert, only to be sucked in by a café close by the hostel on our walk home.


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