Sunday, May 28, 2006

Roll credits

A final holiday post from Singapore airport. There's free internet access here! I suppose there are still 12 hours remaining in our holiday and several airline meals that could be reviewed, but that's probably overdoing it.

Our trip highlights:

  • Most livable city: Copenhagen (the alcohol's too expensive in Sweden, otherwise Stockholm would come a very close 2nd).
  • Best holiday city: Paris, for its range of galleries, architecture and rich food. London would have come close if the weather had been more spring-like.
  • Best weekend away: Venice. Beautiful scenery, horrible tourist trap. Take some photos and then GET OUT.
  • Best natural scenery: Swiss alps and lakes. (For me, Öland was also very special.)
  • Best fancy restaurant: The Gate, London.
  • Best casual restaurant: La Potager du Marais, Paris.
  • Best museum: Vasa Museum, Stockholm.
  • Best art gallery: Tate Modern, London. Can't believe it's free!
  • Best hosts: ... we're not going to do that. My thanks go to Johan, Johanna and Henrik for the entire Grimsö experience. Thanks to Lynda, Stefan, Melissa and Dylan for fitting us into their apartments and sharing their home cities with us. Also to Ian and Anne for offering us free and well-positioned accommodation in Paris (and also for the 2€ bottles of wine).

Several readers have noted our (particularly my) attention to the food we've eaten. I'm considering starting up a new blog in a few months, documenting our vegetarian culinary adventures in Melbourne. If it happens, I'll add a link to it here.

Until then, my plate is almost licked clean.


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